Solar Panel Servicing

Have you considered servicing your home’s solar panel system?

Solar PV systems benefit greatly from regular maintenance. Over time dirt builds up and can cause the amount of energy generated to reduce.

Solar Panel servicing ensures correct operation at full capacity, achieving the highest possible rate of return. On top of this, our Solar Health Check allows us to check for potentially damaging faults before they can cause problems.

SES Electrical Solar Panel Health Check 

The SES Electrical Solar Panel Health Check includes:

  • Solar panel cleaning by our fully trained and certified professionals
  • Detailed inspection of the glass within the solar panels
  • Inspection of the framework for signs of damage, warping or corrosion
  • Inspection of roof fixings
  • Check for signs of nesting from birds or squirrels

Your solar panels are an expensive investment and it is wise to ensure they are cleaned by professionals using only the products recommended for solar panel cleaning.

Solar Panel Maintenance, Servicing and Cleaning NI

What is the cause of Solar Panel degradation and faults?

Faults in your Solar PV system are to be expected over time. Photovoltaic modules which generate solar power have up to 1000V of energy present at any one time. This amount of electricity will cause components in your system to deteriorate.

Deteriorating or under performing components will likely cause one of two problems within your solar system: hotspots, or DC arcing. Both, if left, can seriously damage your PV system, leading to repairs beyond the original faulty component. The latter can potentially also cause fires.

Both hotspots and DC arcing can also be caused, or accelerated, by other factors such as shading, microcracks, dirt and bird droppings on the PV modules, rodent damage to cabling and poor installation.

These faults are often simple and inexpensive to fix so long as they are identified quickly and therefore CAN be avoided by regular solar panel servicing.

Benefits of solar panel servicing

Avoiding faults and preventing damage

Solar panel servicing will ensure any potential system faults or deterioration is identified and fixed before more extensive damage can occur, preventing expensive system repairs and hazardous faults.

Cleaning Solar Panels will prevent problems arising from dirt, birds and rodents.

Cost savings

Ensure your regularly maintain your Solar panels for maximum output and efficiency. Save money, keep your system healthy and your investment safe.

The increase in energy generation as result of servicing will save you money on your energy bill and outweighs the cost of annual maintenance for the system.

Warranty terms

Guaranteed performance promise warranties will only stand if your PV installation has been regularly serviced, cleaned and maintained.

So in order to ensure your investment in renewable solar power was worth while, and not a potential nightmare waiting to happen, servicing really is a must.

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