Solar Panel Installation

So why should you go solar?

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Solar energy is the power provided by the sun, harnessed through technology called photovoltaic (PV) units, which turns sunlight directly into electricity.

Put simply, when sunshine hits a PV unit, the photons of light excite the electrons in the unit, causing them to flow and generate electricity.

Homes and businesses around the country are installing solar panel systems on their roofs to take advantage of this clean, renewable way to generate power and save money on their energy bills.

PV systems can be installed and ready to produce electricity in 2-4 weeks from purchasing the system to installation.

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Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

1. Save on your energy bill

The electricity generated from your Solar PV system is free of charge.

When the system is generating electricity it is set up to preferentially use the electricity from your PV system first, avoiding the need to purchase electricity from the grid.

2. Export Tariff

When a unit of energy is generated by your PV system, but it is surplus to your requirements, then that unit gets exported back to the NI electricity grid.

Once the PV system is installed, your home begins to earn money via this export.

3. Reduce carbon emissions

Unlike conventional power, solar produces no harmful emissions that hurt the environment. It's a clean, renewable process that uses the most natural of all resources - the sun.

Investing in green energy contributes to fighting global warming.